Anna Daly Kauffman

Anna Daly Kauffman is an emerging educator committed to justice, inclusion, and the well-being of all children and youth. Anna knows the tremendous difference that educators can make firsthand: while grieving the loss of her brother in sixth grade, Anna’s teachers empowered her with tools to express herself and encouraged her to “keep writing.” Anna did, and she ultimately earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Bowling Green State University and went on to a career in marketing communications.

Over the course of her 11-year career at U-M and Michigan Medicine, Anna also earned a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications and started a family, becoming a dedicated mother to two daughters. Anna took a part-time leave of absence to support her daughters’ education during the pandemic and the challenges of Zoom school, and it was through this experience that Anna unexpectedly connected with a new sense of purpose in her career path.

Recognizing her drive to empower youth with the tools to communicate and express themselves — in the same way that her teachers once did for her — Anna enrolled in the Master of Arts with Secondary Teacher Certification program at U-M’s School of Education. In particular, she plans to become an English teacher at a public middle school. Anna is already known for her “intellectual curiosity,” “motivation to conduct work that has a meaningful impact,” and her willingness to “push the limits of what seems possible,” and with these qualities, she is sure to make a difference in her career as a teacher.

CEW+ applauds Anna’s persistence and vision for empowering youth and names her a Margaret Dow Towsley Scholar.