Dawn Isby

"College can shape you and change you in more ways than you can imagine. You will gain so many new skills and meet people from all walks of life. It will teach you how to prioritize things, how to tackle hardships. It will definitely teach you to multitask!"

This episode of Strength in the Midst of Change features Dawn Isby, a senior in Integrative Studies at the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She is a 2020 recipient of the Molly H. Dobson CEW+ scholarship, recognizing women who have shown creativity, persistence, and dedication while striving to complete their education. Dawn shares how she has paved her own way on her educational journey through the Integrative Studies program and sought out concentrations in entrepreneurship, fine arts, and English, and now plans to share the power of creativity with others.

Resiliency is best demonstrated in times of challenges. Join CEW+ Director Tiffany Marra as she talks to students, staff, faculty, and community members connected to the University of Michigan’s Center for the Education of Women+ (CEW+) in our podcast, Strength in the Midst of Change. Through this podcast, CEW+ seeks to create a safe place where you will be inspired by the stories of everyday people. Originally created to document the challenges resulting from COVID-19, CEW+ has expanded the podcast to include stories of combating racism through individual and organizational action. This podcast will continue to evolve as societal challenges shift over time.

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