Joyce Haddad

CEW+ honors Joyce’s resilience and names her the CEW+ Graduate Scholar.

Joyce A. Haddad is currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Leadership at the University of Michigan in Dearborn. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Joyce has overcome significant challenges in her journey. She lost her father to cancer at age 18, and she helped support her mother and sisters by working throughout her undergraduate and graduate education. She holds a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance and an MBA from the Lebanese American University. In 2006, Joyce’s immediate family moved to the United States, but Joyce chose to remain in Beirut to further her career. She became the primary caregiver for her elderly aunt and uncle, who were like parental figures to her.

For two decades, Joyce worked in higher education administration. She worked as the Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost at the American University of Science and Technology (AUST) in Beirut, where she coordinated with the State University of New York’s external degree program. At AUST, Joyce also taught courses in business and marketing. She supports her community in multiple ways, including by organizing weekly sessions at the university for families who have autistic children.

Joyce’s path was altered in 2020 when a massive explosion in Beirut’s port devastated the city. The explosion damaged Joyce’s apartment, and she writes that she is grateful that she and her aunt and uncle survived. Joyce volunteered to assist people who had lost their homes in the aftermath of the explosion. As the city rebuilds, employers have not been able to pay their employees the same salary. Joyce began to rethink her career options and decided to enter her PhD program in 2022. Joyce hopes to learn more educational techniques through her doctoral program so that she can give back to help her country.

CEW+ honors Joyce’s resilience and names her the CEW+ Graduate Scholar.