Rebecca Nadel

"Every person can and should strive to make a difference from the inside, no matter what they choose to pursue in life."

During her time at the University of Michigan, 2002 CEW+ scholar Rebecca Nadel completed her MBA at the Ross School of Business and her Masters Degree in Environmental Management through a three-year dual degree program. Before coming to U-M, Nadel completed her undergraduate degree in engineering at Duke University and discovered her passion for environmental sustainability. At the time Rebecca began her education at the U-M, she was on a journey to pull together as many scholarships as possible in order to pay for her graduate studies. This is how she would eventually discover CEW+ and later become one of the Center’s scholars.

Throughout the three years Rebecca lived in Ann Arbor after becoming a CEW+ Scholar, she became aware that the Center aligned with her passion for equality, specifically within the STEM sector of education. She observed that the Center acknowledged and addressed women’s needs and helped them be true to their values, specifically through the way they offered more than simply monetary support. Rebecca states that the Center is able to bring change to the community by bridging the gap between successful women in the community and the workplace, which is something that is often overlooked specifically in male-dominated fields. In her own journey, Rebecca was able to use the money she was awarded by the Center to pay for her dual degree program and verifies that the Center is a part of the U-M community that is able to meet the various different needs of women in and around Ann Arbor.

After completing her program at the U-M, Rebecca went on to develop a successful career working for Royal Dutch Shell in Houston, Texas as part of their Sustainable Development Team before being transferred to the Netherlands as part of the new energies division. After a fifteen-year career at Royal Dutch Shell, Rebecca is currently excited to explore new opportunities and spend more time with her family. When reflecting back on her experience at the U-M, Rebecca urges students to “be true to themselves and enjoy their time at the University of Michigan”. She urges students to make an effort to maintain the friendship and connections they develop throughout their educational experience and enjoy the various activities, opportunities, and experiences offered within the vast U-M community. Regarding her personal experiences, Rebecca states that every person can and should strive to make a difference from the inside, no matter what they choose to pursue in life.


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