Rhonda Lee: Doing our Part

“The way people can thank us [health care workers] is to social distance, wear your mask, stop congregating, and doing what you need to do.”

CEW+ Podcast: Strength in the Midst of the Pandemic

This episode of Strength in the Midst of the Pandemic features Rhonda Lee, a Registered Nurse with Michigan Visiting Nurses, a preceptor and Student Educator. Rhonda shares her insights about being on the front lines of COVID-19. Make sure to listen to the end to hear her advice to keep up the closeness we have created because we can’t be on the go.

Resiliency is best demonstrated in times of challenges. Join CEW+ Director Tiffany Marra as she talks to students, staff, faculty, and community members connected to the University of Michigan’s Center for the Education of Women+ (CEW+) in this new podcast, Strength in the Midst of the Pandemic. Through this podcast, CEW+ seeks to create a safe place where you will be inspired by the stories of everyday people as they adjust to the challenges resulting from COVID-19.

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Resource links:

  • Learn more about Michigan Visiting Nurses
  • This podcast was recorded before Governor Witmer listed the State of Michigan’s Stay at Home Order. Please visit the State of Michigan’s COVID-19 website for the latest information
  • To track the risk phases of COVID-19 indicators, visit MI Safe Start Map website powered by U-M 
  • Click here for ideas for hosting a family game night while social distancing