Ronotta Holliday

Join us in listening to an audio interview with CEW+ scholar and student caregiver Ronotta Holliday to hear about her work in business and women’s empowerment

Ronotta Holliday is a current Master’s student at the University of Michigan – Dearborn School of Business pursuing marketing, a mother of two, and has been named a CEW+ Mary Lucille Randolph and Lea King Dean Memorial Scholar. With a past educational background in psychology and marketing, she has many experiences working in marketing and empowerment that have led her to today, where she hopes to pursue her ultimate goal of supporting other women through her own business and nonprofit.

At the beginning of Ronotta’s career, she directed a community center in a low-income neighborhood, working with girls to enhance their self-esteem and academic performance. In 2009, she went back to school full time and got an associates degree from Washtenaw Community College. From there, she transferred to the University of Michigan – Dearborn to earn her BA in Psychology with a minor in Marketing. During this time, she worked as a senior clerk and administrative assistant for Michigan Dining as well as other freelance marketing assistant jobs. In 2015, Ronotta had her first child, and her second closely following in 2016. Now a mother of two, she is pursuing her MA in Marketing at the University of Michigan – Dearborn School of Business.

In the future, Ronotta wants to continue to support other women in their business endeavors and boost their body confidence through a shapewear line. Listen to Ronotta’s interview to hear her share her story!