Victoria Pedri

CEW+ celebrates Victoria’s compassion and names her the Beatrice Kahn Scholar.

A student at Michigan Law and a survivor, Victoria Pedri aspires to become a public-interest attorney to aid survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence. After graduating high school, she left her hometown in Michigan to seek refuge at the University of Windsor in Canada, where she thrived academically as a psychology major. Victoria was active in her community and founded a chapter of Get REAL, a nonprofit organization that combats racism and 2SLGBTQ+ discrimination. As a junior in college, Victoria gave birth to her first child three days after completing a final exam. Victoria makes positive changes everywhere she goes: her university installed baby changing tables because of her advocacy. Victoria earned her bachelor’s degree with magna cum laude distinction and a one-year-old in 2018.

In 2021, Victoria earned her Master of Business Administration degree. While in her MBA program, Victoria worked with the Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project in Washington, DC. Her research explored how advocates can cultivate “sustainable passion,” the ability to overcome obstacles in advocacy work and stave off burnout. During this time, Victoria also founded the nonprofit Women’s Justice Empowerment Association to support the empowerment of young women and survivors. Her supervisors write that Victoria has “a natural curiosity about the larger world around her, a desire to learn, not just comprehend information,” and praise her as “the type of person who takes the initiative to make change happen.”

Victoria entered Michigan Law in the fall of 2023. She works part-time at the United Way for Southeastern Michigan and is a Junior Board Member of the Network for Victim Recovery, D.C. She is married with two children, aged two and six. After graduation, Victoria intends to pursue litigation for violence survivors and their children.

CEW+ celebrates Victoria’s compassion and names her the Beatrice Kahn Scholar.