CEW+ (Center for the Education of Women+) advances the personal, educational, career, professional, and leadership potential of nontraditional students, particularly women. The services, programs, applied research, and action initiatives conducted by CEW+ promote inclusiveness and equity within the University of Michigan, across the state, and throughout the nation.

CEW+ operates as both a non-degree-granting University unit and as a community-benefit organization, serving individuals throughout Southeast Michigan communities. This dual role allows CEW+ to offer student interns a range of experiences that will be applicable across a wide variety of not-for-profit entities.

Current Openings

*Counseling & Programs – Up to two openings

Student interns will have the opportunity to provide one-on-one career and education counseling with a holistic life planning lens to CEW+’s constituencies, with a focus on community members who seek out our services, and to develop workshops with a special focus of supporting nontraditional students at U-M. Ages of participants range from 18-80, and are diverse with respect to race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and presenting challenges. About 90% of our participants are women, and 10% are men. Typical presenting challenges include navigating through life transitions (e.g. returning to the workforce after divorce, after raising children, after completing a degree, etc.), job searching or career changing, clarifying career goals, clarifying educational goals/returning to school, and managing work/life balance issues.

Student interns who participate in CEW+’s Counseling Program will be able to participate in the following learning opportunities:

  • Initial one-on-one appointments with participants from the community who are seeking counseling regarding career, educational, life transition, and work/life balance issues.
  • Follow-up appointments with their participants
  • Program development on topics of mutual interest to the SSW student intern and CEW+’s constituencies (ex. career change issues, work/life balance, etc.)
  • Participation in CEW+ counseling meetings, which typically include case discussion, advocacy issues, referral information, and program planning
  • Training/seminars around topics relevant to CEW+’s population
  • Participation in bi-weekly Intern Seminar

During the academic year, we are open Monday nights until 7pm. Events and workshops can be offered in the early evening Monday-Thursday.

Key attributes for a successful intern to “hit the ground running” and have the best internship experience are communication (oral/writing/listening) skills, interpersonal skills, commitment to follow-through and analytical ability. Highest ethics and commitment/ability to treat sensitive material with full confidentiality are absolutely required for this work. Knowledge of diversity and women’s issues are helpful.

*CEW+ Scholar Community and Nontraditonal Student Programs – Up to two openings

Student interns will have the opportunity to contribute to CEW’s extensive work with nontraditional students on U-M’s Ann Arbor campus, both through CEW+’s Scholar Community project, and new initiatives designed to engage a larger population of nontraditional students. The term nontraditional includes (but is not limited to) students who are older, returning, are primary caregivers, are students of color, are first-generation, or have a disability. Key pieces of the experience will be serving on the Council for Nontraditional Students (COUNTS) and the CEW+ Scholar Community Advisory Committee, and creating supportive and community building programs for current and former CEW+ Scholarship recipients and other nontraditional students at U-M. Student interns will have the opportunity to develop and implement projects and, in so doing, create a valuable, career-relevant, and documentable body of experience. Student interns will be active participants in bi-weekly intern seminars, and will also work in collaboration with a variety of professional staff members, fellow student interns, and work-study students.

Specific tasks may include:

  • Strategic planning, setting goals, and objectives
  • Project management, including creating project charge and project plan documents
  • Serving as a liaison between CEW+ and the Council for Nontraditional Students and the CEW+ Scholar Community Advisory Committee
  • Assessing the interests and needs of nontraditional students
  • Developing student support programming in collaboration with other CEW+ staff, COUNTS, and the Scholar Community
  • Planning engaging, community-building events for CEW+ Scholars and U-M nontraditional students and navigating the differences and needs of both groups
  • Event marketing and publicity in collaboration with the CEW+ Marketing & Communications Specialist
  • Designing and implementing evaluations for events and programs, creating reports
  • Assessing impact of programmatic efforts
  • Becoming proficient at communicating CEW+’s mission and message in a variety of formats and venues, and to a variety of constituents
  • Attending bi-weekly intern seminars

For more information about the CEW+ Scholarship and Fellowship Program Internship, please call Doreen Murasky, CEW+ Student Program Manager, Senior, at 734.764.6360 or email her at dmurasky@umich.edu

Supervision: Supervision is provided by CEW+ staff content area specialists and a Licensed Masters Social Worker.


Qualified candidates must

  1. Be admitted to the University of Michigan School of Social Work (U-M SSW) prior to application.
  2. Complete a field placement request application through U-M SSW Office of Field Instruction (OFI)
  3. Be matched by CEW+ and OFI staff for consideration
  4. Interview with a panel of CEW+ staff

Preferred Graduation Tracks

  • 16 Month
  • 20 Month (With a preference for a 2-year commitment)
  • Out of Sequence
  • Advanced Standing

Preferred Practice Methods*

  • Interpersonal Practice (IP)
  • Management of Human Services (MHS)
*Practice method minors can also be accommodated

Preferred Practice Areas

  • Community & Social Systems (CSS)
  • Mental Health (MH)


In addition to weekly supervision, the internship program is supported and enhanced by a comprehensive program orientation, as well as a two-hour, bi-weekly internship seminar series. Seminar is a time for exploring practice theories, acquiring relevant tools, methods, and skills, discussing and evaluating ethical practice, and gaining professional feedback and support from the internship cohort.


CEW+ has two licensed MSWs and two licensed psychologists on staff, trained and experienced in field supervision and mentorship, as well as content-area experts in advocacy, project management, and development. Our Social Work Internship supervision team is dedicated to the creation of specialized training opportunities for qualified candidates.

Supervision is offered on a weekly basis, a time during which interns can reflect on their learning experience, gain feedback on and develop practice goals, and ask questions about current projects. Additionally, interns in the counseling track join CEW+ staff counselors for bi-weekly counseling team meetings.

LMSW Supervisors

Samara Hough, LMSW-Clinical, Counselor and Program Specialist / Counseling Supervisor
Doreen Murasky, LMSW, ACSW, Student Program Manager, Senior / Counseling & Management Supervisor

Content Area Supervisors

Kirsten Elling, PhD, Associate Director for Operations and Counseling Program / Counseling & Management Supervisor