Women of Color Task Force


The Women of Color Task Force is a staff organization, founded in 1979 at the University of Michigan, that provides professional development opportunities for employees, with a special focus on women of color staff. For more than 35 years, the Task Force has served as a forum for the exchange of information about the status of women of color staff at the University of Michigan and as a focal point for action necessary for the resolution of their concerns.


Are you interested in becoming a member of WCTF? Any University of Michigan (U-M) employee is eligible for membership in the Task Force if she or he is an active, regular staff member (or a postdoctoral / research fellow).

The Task Force encourages the participation of individuals from all University of Michigan departments and units who wish to promote the professional and personal development of all U-M staff, with a special focus on the needs of women of color staff.

To join WCTF, please complete the attached form and then email it to Grace Wu at glwu@umich.edu.


Women of Color Task Force meetings are held monthly on Thursdays, from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm at two locations: Palmer Commons, 6th Floor Boardroom 5; and DAAS-Haven Hall Room 4701.   Please contact WCTF Coordinator Janice Reuben at 734.764..6005 about membership or email Janice at reubenjs@umich.edu.  A schedule of meetings for the 20-14 -2015 academic year is provided on this webpage.

WCTF Events - Career & Personal Development

The Task Force hosts an annual career conference during winter break and offers career development workshops for its members throughout the year during the general emembership meetings. Use this link for info on the 2016 WCTF conference.

The brown-bag, lunch-time training sessions cover topics in the following areas: career development, project management, leadership development, health & wellness, and work-life balance.

WCTF also conducts an annual Fall Semester Leadership Development Retreat that features interactive trainings and conference planning sessions.  For more information about these workshops, please see the meeting schedule.

Staff Mentoring

The Task Force believes that creating opportunities to share experiences and exchange knowledge fosters professional success and personal excellence. In order to produce those opportunities and conduits for sharing, the Task Force provides mentoring to its members and to other U-M staff.

The goals of the program are to:

     * Promote leadership development;

     * Increase professional skills and specific core competencies;

     * Provide resource information to staff members regarding their career goals; and

     * Establish a support network for U-M staff.

Woman of the Year Awards Program

The Task Force implemented a second major program initiative in 1986 - the Woman of the Year Awards Program. This program is designed to honor women of color staff and faculty who have made outstanding contributions in the areas of leadership (outstanding service as a project leader, administrator, or peer leader), human relations (improved group dynamics within the University community, at the unit level or beyond) and community relations.

In 2011, the awards were renamed in honor of the two founders of the Task Force: the Beulah Sanders Stafford Leadership Award and the Jennie Partee Human Relations Award.

View past awardees.

For more information about the Women of Color Task Force, please contact Janice Reuben, WCTF Program Coordinator, at 734.764.6331, or send her an email at wctfadmin@umich.edu.