CEW+ News: Spring 2024

You can read the latest edition of our CEW+ News magazine here. Please take note that the magazine is interactive; you can click on bolded words, images, graphics, and ads to read and learn more.

This year, CEW+ celebrates its 60th anniversary. Sixty years ago, the original Center for the Continuing Education of Women opened its doors in a Michigan League broom closet. Our beginnings were humble, but our ambition has always been great. Since 1964, the Center has helped thousands of underserved and nontraditional students realize their educational and professional dreams with financial assistance, innovative programming, counseling, and more.

Donors have supported CEW+ as we have grown into the thriving institution that we are today, and this magazine recognizes donors’ impact on CEW+. I am inspired by the story of former CEW+ Director of Development Beth Halloran (page 10), who underscores the power of partnerships between the Center and its donors. Together, we can make transformative change in the U-M community.

The success of our longtime CEW+ Scholarships and Fellowships program is a testament to the generosity of our donors. When donors support students, that support has a ripple effect as students go on to create lasting, positive change in their communities. I hope that, like me, you will be inspired by the stories of two CEW+ Scholars included in this magazine: Shannon Wronski (page 6), a student parent pursuing her dreams of becoming an educator, and Frankie Douglass (page 7), a student researcher studying Black maternal health. You can also read the story of CEW+ donors Gail Luera and Rachel Apgar (page 13), whose recent scholarship gift ensures that CEW+ can support students for years to come.

Thanks to donors like Gail and Rachel, CEW+ can continue to develop creative ways to support our students. This year, CEW+ is excited to introduce groundbreaking new programs that further our commitment to our students’ well-being. The Financial Empowerment Initiative (page 11) promotes students’ financial well-being through a series of workshops, and the newly-introduced Career Development Grant (page 5) boosts students’ access to professional development opportunities. It has been a privilege to witness these programs come to fruition, and I look forward to seeing the impact on students in the years to come.

Our collective purpose within the CEW+ community is to make potential possible. I am hopeful that these stories of partnership, support, and success will inspire you as much as they have inspired me. Your involvement and support as part of the CEW+ community enable us to lead collective change and nurture the next generation of changemakers. For this, I am deeply thankful.

In partnership,

Tiffany Marra, CEW+ Director