End of Victors for Michigan Campaign Update

On July 1, 2011, U-M embarked on the Victors for Michigan Campaign with the goal of raising $4 billion to support three priorities: to provide financial support to students to ensure access to a U-M education; to increase student engagement in real-world experiences tied to their classroom learning; and to serve the public good by solving challenging problems. Supporting students and community engagement resonated most with CEW+’s mission and became the focus areas for our development work during the campaign. In partnership with our Leadership Council, CEW+ set a $5.6 million campaign goal to enhance and extend our mission. Thanks to the generosity of 1,379 donors we were able to surpass our goal, raising $11.1 million.  

For over 55 years, CEW+ has served as a conduit for members of U-M (particularly staff and students) and the greater community to find a route into and through higher education. We do this through holistic counseling–particularly for those in times of personal and professional transition. Our community impact is reflected in the number of community members who gave during the VFM campaign. We are honored that 506 community donors came forward to contributed $2.16 million to our Campaign goals.

To continue our strong impact on the community, we set the goal of raising $1.6 million during the VFM campaign so that we can continue to provide free career and education counseling to all community members. Thanks to the generosity of many donors, we were able to raise $874,000 towards this goal (see article related to MSW internship program). We will continue to work towards this campaign goal, recognizing the importance of our counseling to our communities.

In addition to assisting individuals to transition to U-M, CEW+ provides financial support to U-M students in the form of emergency funds, scholarships, and fellowships (view this video to learn about one student’s perspective on how CEW+ helped her continue her career at U-M after the birth of her child). We set out to raise $2.5 million to support students and far surpassed our goal by raising $7.3 million. Fifteen endowed scholarships were established during the campaign.

CEW+ is proud to partner with you and humbled by your generous gifts of time and financial support. Thank you for trusting us to address the needs and challenges of women and those from underserved backgrounds at U-M and our local communities.

In solidarity,

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Tiffany Marra, Director