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CEW+ empowers women and underserved individuals in the University of Michigan and surrounding communities by serving as an advocate and providing resources to help them reach their academic, financial, and professional potential.

What We Do

CEW+ provides immediate and ongoing services and the financial support needed to ensure educational success and degree completion. Women and underserved students are CEW+’s primary constituency, but all students are welcome. CEW+ also serves those who encounter education and career obstacles based on their non-linear paths to, and experiences within, the University community.

We proudly support students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community with:

Who We Are

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Since 1964, CEW+ has worked to remove obstacles that impact women and other marginalized groups at U-M. CEW+ has also served as a bridge for returning students and community college transfers; supported the work of the Women of Color in the Academy Project (WOCAP) and the Women of Color Task Force (WCTF); and fought for family-friendly policies that have benefited both men and women. Our understanding of the challenges faced by underserved students and underrepresented faculty and staff allows us to contribute greatly to diversity at U-M by providing supports and resources that are responsive to the emerging needs of these groups.


Established in 1964, CEW was a pioneering university women’s center. Designed to serve the needs of women students as well as women returning to school or work, CEW (then known as the Center for the Continuing Education of Women) was founded with a three-part mission of service, advocacy, and research. CEW+ continues its work today, serving University students, staff and faculty, community members, and all genders, facing education, employment or other life issues.

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The CEW+ Team

Our dedicated team is passionate about helping underserved communities and individuals at the University and beyond thrive.

Meet Our Team

Advisory Groups

Student Parent Excellence Committee

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Group Leads:
Barbara Anderson, Ronald Freedman Collegiate Professor of Sociology and Population Studies
Paul Artale, Manager of Rackham Graduate Student Engagement
Kerrigan Fitzpatrick, Alumni, LSA
Tiffany Marra, Director of CEW+
Lyss Shumaker, Undergraduate, LSA
Ida Faye Webster, Director of Rackham Program Review

Faculty & Staff Allies to Student Parents:
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Scholar Community Advisory Board

Betsy Cliff
Jacqueline Courteau
Kelley Emerson
Stephanie Haley
Quyen Ngo
Amy Whitesall
Michelle Williams
Monequa Williams


The CEW+ Leadership Council

We are pleased to have the volunteer efforts of many talented and generous individuals and have a long tradition of a volunteer advisory board. Without this group’s commitment, leadership, and ambassadorship, our work would not be possible.

The Leadership Council is our current active group of advisors.

  • Barbara Anderson
  • Christine Black
  • Mischa Boardman
  • Andrea Darden
  • Lee Gorman
  • Susan S. Gutow
  • Caroline Lee
  • Ciara Merriman
  • Don Vereen

The CEW+ Emeritae Council honors all those who have served on the Leadership Council, helping the Center to become what we are today. The Emeritae Council includes:

Menakka M. Bailey
Lisa Baker
Nancy Barbour
Norma C. Barfield
Ellen M. Byerlein
Jean W. Campbell*
Lois P. Cohn
Julie F. Cummings
Martha Meier Dean
Beverly B. Denbo*
Anthony Derezinski
Molly H. Dobson
Carol Doll
Anne Duderstadt
Susan S. Florsheim
Geraldine B. Ford*
Tiffany Ford
Twink Frey
Beverley Geltner
Christine Green
Matina Souretis Horner
Margaret Kephart
Constance M. Kinnear
Rani Kotha
Judith H. Lax
Anne Lehker
Ashley M. Maentz
William Martin
Rebecca McGowan*
Virginia Patton Moss
Robert D. Oliver
Karen O’Neal
Ann V. Parfet
Lana B. Pollack
Sheila Potiker*
Kathleen K. Power
Mary Princing
Desma Reid-Coleman
Margaret A. Riecker*
Karla Scherer
Ann Sneed Schriber
Martha R. Seger
Gil Seinfeld
Carol S. Smokler
Maxine J. Snider
Elizabeth Stranahan*
Alicia Torres
Nellie M. Varner
Erica A. Ward
Marina v. N. Whitman

* in memoriam