CEW+ assists hundreds of individuals each year as they make decisions about their future through free counseling that is open to everyone at U-M and in the community.

Our comprehensive counseling program supports exploration of education and career interests within the context of relationships and life circumstances. Transitioning into the workforce or academia presents numerous unforeseen obstacles, especially for those with nontraditional backgrounds. Whether a student, a seasoned professional, or entry-level worker, our center offers a non-judgmental space where you will be individually advised.

Our counselors work within a developmental framework to help individuals consider their options, make informed choices, and both define and resolve problems. CEW+ provides counseling to people of all genders and demographics and recognizes the complex societal factors that may present unique challenges in an individual’s life. We believe in overcoming challenges, and we believe in you.

Our Counseling Services

  • Career counseling
  • Education counseling
  • Emergency funding for current U-M Ann Arbor students

Schedule an Appointment

Stop in to CEW+ (330 E Liberty Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104) or call 734.764.6360. Because counseling appointments fill quickly, please call our office directly so that we have the most current availability in front of us. There is no charge for counseling appointments. They are available to anyone of any gender, whether affiliated with the University or not.

If this is your first appointment, you will be scheduled for an intake appointment to complete paperwork, with a counseling session immediately following. Please pay attention to the details you receive in your appointment reminder email. Our policy is to cancel your appointment if you are more than 15 minutes late for your intake. After your appointment, you will have the opportunity to complete a brief satisfaction survey.

***Note: Due to intrastate licensure issues, we are not able to offer phone appointments to those who currently live outside of the state of Michigan. We recommend that you look in your local area for resources on career and education.

What Happens During an Appointment?

While there is no “typical” appointment, the list below can give you an idea of the concerns our participants tend to discuss in a counseling appointment at CEW+.

  • Goal clarification
  • Feedback on resumes, cover letters, application materials, etc.
  • Beginning a job search
  • Educational goals
  • Returning to college or graduate school
  • Work/life/family balance issues
  • Emergency funding for current U-M Ann Arbor students

Counseling appointments are limited to once a month, unless previously agreed upon with your counselor. Initial appointments are approximately 45-60 minutes in length. Follow-up appointments, if needed, are up to 45 minutes long.

CEW+ Counselors

Sarah Cissell

Sarah Cissell, LLMSW / Temporary Counselor
Sarah received her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan in 2018. She completed her training both at CEW+ and at UM Counseling and Psychological Services. Sarah’s work experiences include student services, research, and mental health counseling. Sarah works collaboratively with CEW+ participants to navigate their career and educational paths. To schedule a counseling appointment with her, please call 734-764-6360.

Kirsten A. Elling, PhD / Associate Director for Operations and Counseling Program
Kirsten oversees CEW+’s career and educational counseling, program evaluation, and operations. She leads the Council for Nontraditional Students (COUNTS) and serves as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lead. Additionally, Kirsten serves on a number of U-M committees and consults and collaborates with a range of U-M units/departments. A U-M alumna (Bachelor’s degree in Psychology), she received her Master’s degree and PhD in Clinical Psychology from Loyola University, Chicago. Currently, her availability for counseling appointments is limited.

Marcy Epstein

Marcy Epstein, PhD / Career & Education Adviser
Dr. Epstein has been counseling faculty, staff, graduate students, and youth toward educational equity and growth for seven years, in private practice and was a founding member of a community-based work/life balance network. Her post-doctoral specialization from Michigan Medicine (U.S. Dept. of Education/ NIDRR Fellowship for Advanced Research) is in disability-race-gender resilience research and rehabilitative psychology. She has five books on disability published by the U-M Press. Currently, she teaches in the U-M Comprehensive Studies Program. Her keenest professional interests are diversity, fairness, readiness, and enrichment in life-long learning, especially multi-minority identity and the impact of stress and trauma on people and institutions. To schedule a counseling appointment with her, please call 734-764-6360.

Morgan Hull, LLMSWCounselor & Program Coordinator
Morgan received her Master’s degree in Social Work and certificate in Management of Human Services from U-M in 2018. Prior to her graduate studies, Morgan received her BSW degree from the University of North Texas in 2014. Morgan’s work experiences include disaster response and relief, nonprofit leadership, and development of community partnerships. Morgan works with individuals in counseling through career and educational transitions. To schedule a counseling appointment with her, please call 734-764-6360.

Jean Leverich

Jean Leverich, PhD, LMSW / Counselor
Jean brings more than 16 years of counseling experience to her role at CEW+. As a psychotherapist, Jean has extensive experience working with adolescents and adults who are impacted by depression and anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, sexual abuse, family relationships, sexual identity, domestic violence, and complicated grief. As an academic advisor at the University of Michigan, she supported diverse student populations through critical situations and worked closely with the Career Center, academic departments, and Financial Aid. Jean’s passion is coaching people to develop problem-solving and self-advocacy skills and supporting them as they navigate obstacles in their journey. She received a PhD in English Literature and an MSW from U-M Ann Arbor and has edited books for young people on women’s issues, juvenile justice, and the intergenerational legacy of abuse. To schedule a counseling appointment with her, please call 734-764-6360.

Doreen Murasky, LMSW, ACSW / Student Program Manager
Doreen oversees the scholarship, fellowship, and social work internship programs at the Center. In addition, she enjoys providing counseling and developing and presenting dynamic programs, with a focus on holistic life planning through the lifespan. Currently, her availability for counseling appointments is limited.