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CEW+ Scholar Community

The CEW+ Scholar Community consists of current and former CEW+ scholarship recipients (nearly 1800), and exists to support, inspire, and unleash the collective power of scholars and fellows to make a positive impact in their lives, in their communities, and in the world. In 2015, with support from the Scholar Success Fund, the initiative launched and continues to build momentum.

Current features include:

  • Advisory committee: The Scholar Community Advisory Committee consists of current and former Scholars who give a voice to the interests and needs of the Scholar Community and direct many of the activities. The Committee is also mindful of the needs of underserved students and creating programs that welcomes students beyond the Community.
  • Lunch and Learn Series: An informal lunch hour learning series features members of Scholar Community sharing a passion and their expertise on a wide range of topics. Open to all, the series aims to build community, increase skills or knowledge, in a supportive space. Topics to date include-setting and managing goals, tools for making life easier, business presentation skills, keeping a nature journal, and the art of making perfect hummus.
  • Scholar Summer Soirée: In August, CEW+ Scholars welcome new scholarship recipients with an event that focuses on connecting new and past Scholars before the rush of the academic year. The event features dinner, networking, and information about the features of the Scholar community.
  • A Private Facebook Page: A space to network.
  • Women Write Now: Zilka Joseph, poet educator, and 2008 Elsie Choy Lee Scholar, facilitates a monthly writing workshop for Scholars to share work, receive feedback, and discuss ways to strengthen their writing.


“The way writer's block is described is always negative, but I think sometimes it's just your mind telling you that you need space or time. I've heard it also called a gestation period where your mind needs time to process and think because it's building up something really important to write about...maybe you're not ready to write it yet.”

" our culture that's so busy giving a lot of support for 'doing' all the time, just trying to be in a state of being and open to being aware of what's happening right now can be really difficult and can also be really freeing..."

"We have to be aware of how everyone brings value and perspective to a situation, even if they're doing it in a way that is challenging."