Career & Educational Counseling Available at CEW

CEW assists hundreds of individuals each year as they make decisions about their futures. The comprehensive counseling program supports exploration of career and educational interests within the context of relationships and life circumstances. Read more about our counseling services here!

Our professionally trained and experienced counselors work within a developmental framework to help individuals consider their options, make informed choices, and both define and resolve problems, while focusing on issues of achieving balance between work and family.

How to schedule a counseling appointment?

To schedule an appointment, stop in at CEW or call 734-764-6360. Because counseling appointments go very quickly and are scheduled by numerous people, please call our office directly so we have the most current availability in front of us. There is no charge for counseling appointmentswhich are available to anyone of any gender, whether affiliated with the University or not.

If this is your first appointment, you will be scheduled for an intake appointment to fill out paperwork, and a counseling appointment immediately following. Please pay attention to the details you receive in your appointment reminder email. CEW's policy is to cancel an appointment if you are late for your intake. After your appointment you will have the opportunity to complete a brief satisfaction survey.

***Note: Due to intrastate licensure issues, we are not able to offer phone appointments to those who currently live outside of the state of Michigan. We recommend that you look in your local area for resources on career and education.

What happens in a counseling appointment?

While there is no "typical" appointment, the list below can give you an idea of the concerns our participants tend to discuss in a counseling appointment at CEW.

  • goals clarification
  • feedback on resumes, cover letters, application materials, etc.
  • how to start a job search
  • educational goals
  • how to return to college or graduate school
  • work/life/family balance issues

Counseling appointments are limited to once a month, unless previously agreed upon with your counselor.  Initial appointments are approximately 45-60 minutes in length.  Follow up appointments, if needed, are up to 45 minutes long.

CEW’s integrated approach to counseling includes workshops and programs, a library with circulating materials, and other services.

Who uses CEW’s counseling service?

CEW's counseling services are open to all community members and University of Michigan students, faculty and staff of all genders. Our counseling services have been used by executives, entrepreneurs, faculty, staff, nontraditional returning students, and community members.


CEW is located on the second floor and is accessible by stairs or elevator. To access the elevator, please use the entrance at the northwest corner of the building (to your right when facing the building). Use the outside intercom to buzz the CEW front office. A staff member will respond to you over the intercom to confirm that the elevator is unlocked for access to our offices. When you arrive on the second floor, turn left and continue down the hall to find the front desk.

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