Finding Your Voice Through CEW Counseling Services

Transitioning into the workforce or academia can present numerous unforeseen obstacles at any professional level, especially for those with nontraditional backgrounds. You may have children and want to return to school, or are a first generation student who needs help clarifying educational goals. Perhaps you are underemployed, overworked or unsatisfied with your current job and need support as you navigate resolving workplace issues or finding a new position. Does your resume and cover letter capture who you are? Are you not even sure where to begin?

You are not alone.

Fortunately, these are all familiar situations, ones that the free career & education counseling services offered at CEWcan help address. As one participant put it, CEW “helped me navigate an extremely difficult process, and I am so grateful for your patience and kindness toward me.” Another told us how “it would have been much more difficult, if not impossible, for me to earn my master’s degree here without your guidance.”

All of our participants are offered this high level of attention and support. Our counselors have years of cumulative experience ranging from educational philosophy and mindfulness to corporate, academic and non-profit employment. Whether you are a seasoned professional or an entry level worker, if you are looking for a place where your needs will be met holistically, our center offers a non-judgmental space where you will be heard and individually advised.

From this informed approach to guiding and advising participants with a variety of needs, our counselors build an appointment around a participant’s individual situation. When you begin working with one of our counselors, they will help to identify what matters to you, what special skills you have, where you are in the process, and how you can best navigate the challenges that may be in your way of achievement.

Participants who come from nontraditional backgrounds and experiences can work with a counselor to peel away their layers of experience to get to their core needs. Our counselors assist people of any gender or demographic, taking extra steps to recognize cultural, age-related, gender or sexual identity, and other societal markers that may present unique barriers in a participant’s life.

For current U-M Ann Arbor students, we offer aid for urgent financial situations that may deter or interrupt their educational path. This financial support is crucial for students who tell us time and again how “the grant is greatly appreciated and it is because of the generosity and support of people like you and centers like CEW that students like me are able to succeed. When I am able to, I will donate to CEW for this very reason.”

We are fortunate to watch our participants find confidence and strength from working with our counselors. Knowing there is help available throughout the process of completing educational or professional goals is a great comfort in an otherwise tumultuous time. Each appointment is free of charge and you can follow-up with your counselor once a month as you work towards your goals. We are fueled by the messages of gratitude we receive every day from the people we work with. They remind us how important it is to “get a new set of eyes on my resume. Thank you so much for your time and meaningful suggestions as I pursue my new career path. I’m so grateful for your wisdom and your guidance.”

Sometimes asking for help or recognizing there is an issue in your life that prevents you from making positive changes can be difficult. Our society often tells us that we must be self-reliant and figure things out on our own. The truth is that having guidance along the way is important to success. The supportive, inclusive community at CEW may be the space where you find the assistance that will make all the difference in wherever it is that you hope to go.

Call us to make an appointment with one of our counselors: 734-764-6360.


– Juliana Roth


Juliana Roth is a former Administrative Assistant at CEW and a U-M graduate with a degree in English and Environmental Studies. Juliana was a Cowden Memorial Writing Fellow and recipient of the Quinn Creative Writing Prize for her short story collection. Her fiction, poetry and essays have appeared in Irish Pages, Bear River Review, The Establishment, and DIN Magazine. The independent film/webseries she wrote and helped produce this past summer, Middlebrook, will be released in 2017. She is currently pursuing her MFA and teaching undergraduate writing at Rutgers University – Camden.