Ram Mahalingam and Doreen Murasky

"...in our culture that's so busy giving a lot of support for 'doing' all the time, just trying to be in a state of being and open to being aware of what's happening right now can be really difficult and can also be really freeing..." - Doreen Murasky

Ram hopes his mindfulness students ask the question, “How they are going to move forward with a commitment to dignity? To lead a life, a mindful life, with dignity, not only personal dignity but also the dignity of other people and coming to a dignity culture around that. How they are going to do that? That is the… ideal intervention to make a difference in a student’s life.” – Ram Mahalingam

This episode of Strength in the Midst of Change features Ram Mahalingam, Barger Leadership Institute Professor of Psychology and Director of the Barger Leadership Institute, and Doreen Murasky, Interim Associate Director of CEW+. Doreen and Ram talk about the core principles of mindfulness, and how these can be incorporated into your everyday life, work, and relationships to cultivate interconnectedness. Make sure to listen to the end to hear them talk about the importance of being kind to yourself and your imperfections, and extending that same kindness to those around you.

Resiliency is best demonstrated in times of challenges. Join CEW+ Director Tiffany Marra as she talks to students, staff, faculty, and community members connected to the University of Michigan’s Center for the Education of Women+ (CEW+) in our podcast, Strength in the Midst of Change. Through this podcast, CEW+ seeks to create a safe place where you will be inspired by the stories of everyday people. Originally created to document the challenges resulting from COVID-19, CEW+ has expanded the podcast to include stories of combating racism through individual and organizational action. This podcast will continue to evolve as societal challenges shift over time.

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